Consulting Services

We offer consulting services to churches of all sizes, and we specialize in working with small and medium sized churches and organizations. We also offer consulting for programs within a church such as youth ministry. Our consulting services are aimed to help churches and organizations troubleshoot as well as dream so that they can live out their full calling. We do not approach our consulting with a particular model in mind, rather we take the time to listen and observe to be a fresh set of eyes and ears for to best serve the church or organization. We also offer consulting services for specific programs or departments within the church such as adult ministries, youth ministry, children’s ministries etc. Every consulting contract is tailored to needs of the church or organization for maximum helpfulness and effectiveness while keeping cost at a minimum. Our consulting services can be used by churches:

  • To troubleshoot problems or issues with leaders, teams or organizations.
  • To assist in professional, personal and spiritual development of leaders.
  • To Assistant in setting up leadership systems and structures.
  • To provide leadership training/team building retreats, seminars and/or events.
  • To offer professional development for leaders.
  • Team building for leadership teams.
  • Conflict resolution for teams and organizations.
  • Personality and gift assessments for individuals and teams.
  • Seminars for youth & children’s ministry volunteers & staff.
  • To provide spiritual development, mentoring, formation, and direction for leaders or teams.