Seminars & Speaking Engagements

We are pleased to announced a significant increase in avaialibty for seminar leadership and speaking engagements. We encourage you We usually will book dates up to two years ahead of time, depending on the time of the year. See the list below for just some of the options we offer. If you have an area of interest that is not listed, contact us and if we do not offer that particular topic, we will likely have some recommendations of who might be able to help you! While we have more dates open, we know that they will book fast, so we encourage you to contact us right away to book your seminar or speaking engagement!

Some of the seminars we offer include:

• Leading Change
• Trends in Adolescent Development
• UnderstandingTeenagers/Adolescents/YoungAdults
• Understanding & Working with Millennials
• Leading Change
• Self-Care of Leaders
• Leadership Principles
• Understanding Staff Dynamics
• Personality & Gift Seminars (includes inventories)
• Changing Family Dynamics:Working with Parents & Families in Today’s Culture 
• Emerging Adult Development & Culture
• Generational Understanding
• Working with Middle school youth
• Working with high school youth
• Understanding & Managing adolescent behavior
• Positive Discipline & Growth Mindset
• Children,Youth & Family Ministry
• Youth Retreats:Various Topics
• Re-Thinking Confirmation
• Youth Ministry 101
• Children’s Ministry 101
• Leadership in the church
• Discipleship
• Developing Core Values, Mission & Vision
• Strategic Planning
• Building Community partnerships & collaboration
• Defining and developing and organizational culture
• Organizational Health
• Healing after Misconduct or Betrayal
• The False Gospel of Guilt and Shame
• Others

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